Student leaders on campus featured this Women’s History Month


Allie O’Donoghue

Brooke Salamone

Women’s History month is here. A time to celebrate women from all over the globe. A time to honor the hark work, dedication, leadership, perseverance, success, independence, and most of all individuality of powerful women. From high profile leaders like Ruth Bater Ginsburg, to the small-town heroes that impact our day to day lives, this is a time to appreciate womanhood and the strides that women have taken throughout history to be where we are today.

At our University, we are surrounded by women who are ambitious, courageous, and dedicated their craft. These women embody what it means to be powerful and indelible leaders in our society, pushing back against gender steryotypes that women often come in contact with.

In honor of Women’s History month, The Pace Press is featuring three students on campus that embody the spirt of this crucial time. Each of these ladies are leaders on and off campus, and are dedicated to bettering themselves, and the world around them.

Allie O’Donoghue 

Allie O'Donoghue
Allie O’Donoghue

University senior Allie O’Donoghue is three months away from graduation day. At 21 years old, Allie’s successful and strong pace path is shortly coming to a close. Studying Communications with a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management, Allie truly embodies what it means to be a leader in her community.

On campus, Allie works as a peer leader, helping teach freshman in their UNV 101 seminars, contributes as a member of Kappa Delta sorority, and leads in the role of student coordinator of the Welcome Center. Off campus, she has had five internships in total. Allie has spent time with Headcount, a small nonprofit where the company registers people to vote at concerts and music festivals. She spent two semesters working with the CEO of Sony Musicand one semester at Columbia Records working in their hospitality and tourism department. To top it off, one of her summers was spent interning with Gillet Stadium working in their ticket office.

“I never really pictured myself in a leadership role,” shares O’Donoghue. “I was never a leader in high school. I was always part of a team, but coming to college and being part of multiple teams with all the involvement I have had, I am now a leader on campus. It is very rewarding and validating that I have it in me.”

With all of Allie’s amazing accomplishments, it is easy to see what a powerful impact she has made in the University community. Every great woman is inspired by other women who have helped them become the person they are today. Allie shares that her mother and the previous Welcome Center manager, Kristen Mulick, were some of these women for her.

“My mom is an incredible woman,” says O’Donoghue with a bright smile. “She is strong, and very loyal to her three children. She is also a single mother, so she will do whatever she can to stand by her children’s side. I love that she is unapologetically herself.”

Separate from a family member, Allie also shares her appreciation for her old boss Kristen Mulick.

“Kristen was someone who I could go to if I was stressed or needed advice or just wanted to share something good with,” O’Donoghue continues. “She loved to talk, she loved to have fun but she meant business. I really appreciated her professionalism, and just how supportive she was of all the students. She has helped me become the leader I am today.”

Allies shares, “I’ve taken a lot of steps to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. All my experiences have made me more confident in myself, and it’s just making me validate my own success, as well as developing my leadership skills. It has taught me if you work hard, people recognize hard work, and that is what is going to make you succeed.”

Lauren Moser

Lauren Moser
Lauren Moser

Our next leader on campus is 19-year-old sophomore, Lauren Moser. Lauren is a Public Accounting major, who is defining and reshaping her pace path each and every day. Through her two years here at the University so far, Lauren has taken each and every opportunity presented to her, as well as preserved through challenges such as time management.

On campus, Lauren is actively involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success and was recently elected president of the organization. Lauren is also a part of Kappa Delta Sorority.

Off campus, Lauren has had two summer internships with Citrin Cooperman as well attending a Women’s Leadership Conference in Brockport NY. When she graduates college, Lauren is looking to work for one of the big four accounting firms.

“To me, being a leader is being someone who can multitask and do it all, as well as being a good communicator,” shares Moser. “It is also important that a leader is open to other people’s ideas and opinions.”

With all of Lauren’s accomplishments, it is easy to see why she has become a leader on and off campus. Lauren shares that every great woman is inspired by other women who have shaped into who they are today, and these two women for her are her mom and sister.

“My mom has always been such a wonderful role model in my life,” says Moser. “She has always been the woman who I look up to and who I want to be when I grow up. I also have always looked up to my sister. She has always been ambitious, and does so many things to better herself. She is very successful, and that is exactly what I strive to be like.”

All in all, between the leadership roles, the academics, and the people who we have in our lives, it is important to understand how all this experience has painted us into the person we are today.

“All my involvement has made me a well-rounded person,” shares Moser. “My experiences have improved my skills with working with to other people and being open to other people’s opinions, because as a leader, that is the most important thing.”

Lulu Chu 

Lulu Chu

Our next leader on campus is University senior, Lulu Chu. Lulu is an Arts and Entertainment Management major, who defines what it means to be a leader on and off campus.

On campus, Lulu has been involved with a ton of amazing organizations and campus departments. She currently works as a Tour Guide at the Welcome Center, a UNV101 Peer Leader, and is the Chairwoman of the Senior Class Gift Committee. She also is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, where she served as the Chapter Secretary last year. During her time here at Pace, she has been involved with the Student Government Association. She has served as the Sophomore Class President, the Executive Vice-President, and now the Senior Class President.

Off Campus, Lulu has had five different internships since her freshman year. She has been involved with the Drama League of New York where she served as one of two Arts Leadership Interns, Bread & Butter PR in which she ran the social media for various restaurants and celebrity chefs, iTheatrics, where she served as one of their Junior Theater Festival Interns, and she is currently interning with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City as Special Events & Fundraising Intern.

“Having the experience to serve as a leader in any capacity has been really rewarding,” shares Chu. “I think it’s such a cool and unique opportunity to be able to pass down the information and lessons I’ve learned in the form of student leadership especially. It’s extremely rewarding to see those I’ve gotten to mentor or lead grow and blossom into confident leaders themselves.”

Lulu’s long list of accomplishments go to show what a exceptional impact she has had on her surrounding community. She is a true role-model for everyone that she comes in contact with. Every great woman is inspired by other women who have helped them become the person they are today. Lulu shares that these two women are Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her best friend Maddie McLain.

“I think growing up I always knew that women had it a little tougher in life, and had to push a little harder, be a little more aggressive, and have confidence in everything that we do,” continues Chu. “I’ve been tired of hearing no my entire life, so my continuous pursuit of leadership and the leadership of the women around me inspire me to keep chasing my goals!”

It is clear we are surrounded by women who are ambitious, courageous, and dedicated their craft. Allie, Lauren, and Lulu embody what it means to be powerful leaders in our community. In addition to these ladies, there are powerful women all around us. This month, take some time to thank the women who have impacted your life.