November horoscopes


Owen McGonigle

Aries: Lady Gaga is one of you, so you get a pass for now. Keep doing your thing. Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde!

Taurus: We are currently in your opposite, Scorpio. Therefore, start being the opposite of yourself: proactive, and don’t waste money!

Gemini: I will not comment. (Which personality are you using today?)

Cancer: Sweet angel babies, I love y’all. I know it’s a water season right now, so your emotions might be all over the place.  Y’all got this.

Leo: Kendrick Lamar said some wise words once: “Be humble.”

Virgo: You don’t have to be the best at EVERYTHING—please chill. (Y’all low key cute though.)

Libra: Please make a decision for yourself for once. Having your friends pick out your outfits everyday can get a bit tiresome.

Scorpio: Welcome to your season, you crazy little scorpion. Manifest all your dark energy this month, but try not to get TOO wild.

Sagittarius: Sometimes staying home is okay! Maybe take this water season to chill for a bit, and prepare for your season next!

Capricorn: You aren’t the only person occupied! If someone is taking time out of their lives for you, maybe you should try to acknowledge them this season.

Aquarius: Maybe dial back on the quirky energy this season. No one is going to judge you for being mainstream for a minute. You’re an air sign: just breathe.

Pisces: Use this water season to take accountability for your own actions for once.