Libra horoscopes


Priya Persaud, Opinions and Editorials Editor

Aries: Aries and Libra are two sides of the same coin as they are sister signs, so take pride in knowing you’re connected to the season as well! Since the Sun has now entered your seventh house, it may seem attractive to create new connections and create harmony in your life. Take this season as an excuse to get closer to those around you and focus on your own inner peace.

Taurus: Taureans, Libra season is shining a light on your personal care and productivity. Remember those New Year’s resolutions that you inevitably forgot? Now is the time to let those ideas come to fruition. For you, this season will be about getting into alignment with yourself. Whether it be through exercising, creating new habits or simply focusing on yourself more often, it is your time to act! 

Gemini: Geminis, romance is in the air for you! You may be feeling flirty as the Sun is now transiting your fifth house, and may be unintentionally attracting people toward you. If you’d like, utilize this to your full advantage before the commitment issues take over and have some fun! Additionally, you may be feeling more inspired to take on more creative roles. Even if you are not the best at it, try writing or painting in your free time.

Cancer: Libra season may bring up ideas involving your home and family. Take this season to finally redecorate your living space, even if it is just where you sleep every night because it’s still a reflection of you! Remember to call your family and keep in touch with them as they will likely want to hear from you this month, you are their favorite after all!

Leo: You are going to be booked and busy this season, and with your light, we can’t blame you! Take Libra season as a sign to get ready for light-hearted conversations as the people around you are going to want to get to know you better. There are good vibes planned out for you, so you simply have to follow where they lead.

Virgo: As the sun spotlights your second house during Libra season, you may feel enticed to feel more secure financially and seek out those opportunities. As long as you are being both logical and reasonable with your methods, take this chance to pick up extra hours or invest in new projects. Whereas you may have been impulsively self-pampering before, this period will give you more chances to focus on your monetary priorities.

Libra: Congratulations Libras, it is finally your season! All eyes will be on you now and for good reason, your positivity and light will be a beacon of hope to those around you. If you have had any issues with people recently, the harmony in the air will allow you to get away from assumptions and rumors for a brief moment. If you are thinking of changing your appearance, it may be a good idea as it will likely have a beneficial impact on how you view yourself.

Scorpio: Scorpios, you have been needing a break – now is the time! Feel free to give yourself a long rest during this season and remain dormant until you are ready to transform into your higher self. This break will give you some time to protect your peace as well as give yourself a chance to gain clarity for any difficult situations you have been subjected to lately.

Sagittarius: Have you been circling around different friend groups and meeting new people? As Libra season has the sun transiting your eleventh house, this is not a surprise! Your peers, both old and new, may be more invested in your friendship during this time and you should use this to your advantage. If you have had any complications with friendships recently, extend the olive branch and watch your relationships reform!

Capricorn: You have likely been hyper-focused on work and school, and your efforts will not go unseen. You are in a perfect position to elevate any and all opportunities you have been seeking out recently. However, do not let your work take a toll as you still need to find joy in your endeavors! To balance your work and play, try going to a party, or even confessing your attraction to that person you have been obsessing over, chances are it will all work out.

Aquarius: Is there a language or place that is piquing your interest at the moment? If so, Libra season will only heighten the urge for you to explore it! Whatever you may be fascinated with at the moment, it is worth examining whether it be through experiences or your own personal research. You may also be feeling a sense of seeking out your purpose during this time, and you should follow that through to the fullest extent.

Pisces: Pisces, get ready to transform! As the sun goes through your eighth house, it may be time for you to strip your cocoon and grow into a butterfly. You are likely feeling a sense of change during this time, and that’s okay! You will need to do this in order to unlock your full potential and become whoever you aspire to be. Surrounding yourself with those that will prioritize you is also going to be significant for you during this time.