Keeping up with ‘Gilmore Girls’ 22 years later


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Malak Kassem, Contributor

It’s been 22 years since the hit dramatic comedy “Gilmore Girls” premiered. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel take on the roles of mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory respectively and though they’re 16 years apart, they’re best friends.

The show takes place in a fictional small town in Connecticut where everyone knows each other by name and town meetings are conducted on a weekly basis. Throughout the seven seasons, fans and viewers tagged along on Lorelai’s complicated relationship with her parents, Rory’s prestigious schooling and both of their romantic lives. Together, they venture through difficult decisions and the responsibilities of friendship all while maintaining their adventurous personalities.

“Gilmore Girls” touches on many real-world topics, such as teen pregnancy, navigating both family and romantic relationships and the importance of communication. Hidden within all the comedy and drama, there are quite a number of important and sensitive situations that arise. For example, Rory’s existence is a constant source of reflection from Lorelai’s parents, who want to be the best grandparents they can while still having a hard time accepting that their daughter left their haven of opportunities for something so irresponsible.

Sookie St. James, top-notch chef and Lorelai’s best friend, was Melissa McCarthy’s breakthrough role. Joining the “Gilmore Girls” cast gave her major recognition in Hollywood. She was a humorous, supportive and warm character. McCarthy has always positively reflected on her time and co-stars on the hit show. McCarthy captioned an Instagram photo of her and Graham with “How was this 22 years ago?!” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Scott Paterson, who played the role of Luke Danes, recently spoke out about how he felt “objectified” while filming a scene on set. Paterson played a local diner owner, and his character had a big role in Lorelai’s life. There’s a scene that included Lorelai and Sookie talking about Luke’s butt, to which he expressed that it made him “uncomfortable” and “pissed off,” according to CNN.

Paterson went on to discuss that objectification coming from women directed at men is just as harmful as men directing it toward women. However, Paterson’s character connects with fans on many levels, including University student Sarah Lepis, who considers Luke one of her favorite characters.

Lepis stated, “Luke resonates with me because, though he appears tough, he would do anything to protect and care for the people he loves and that is closest to him. I would describe him as stubborn but also sweet.”

Despite Paterson’s reported discomfort from that scene, the “Gilmore Girls” cast is overwhelmingly positive about their experience. During a Good Morning America interview in 2020, the cast discussed how much they enjoyed playing their roles, saying that they felt connected to their character’s personalities and seemed like a tight-knit family on set.

Lepis continued, “‘Gilmore Girls’ is a comforting show with its witty writing. It feels like a breath of fresh air in terms of comedic relief while also telling different characters’ stories and the hardships that some of them face.”

“Gilmore Girls” is over two decades old; however, it is known as a timeless show. The humorous dialogue, heartwarming characters and relatable scenarios that the show displays continue to bring joy and affection to viewers. Its diverse set of lifestyles represented throughout the seven seasons made it easy for everyday people to connect with the characters. Each character appeared with a different ideology, which allowed different types of audiences to resonate with any character portrayed on screen. There is something in “Gilmore Girls” for everyone, which makes it a must-watch.