Angelina pop-up: a taste of Paris in NYC

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Malak Kassem, Staff Writer

Angelina Paris, a renowned Parisian tea room and bakery, has opened a pop-up cafe at Saks Fifth Avenue that will run through Dec. 18. 

The original Angelinas in Paris dates back to the early 1900s and was the hottest spot for writers, artists and politicians to work and gather in France. Since the City is full of people that fall under those categories, this limited dining experience might be the perfect way to transport yourself to a different time in a different city. 

To give diners the classic Parisian experience, French restaurant L’Avenue at Saks is partnering with the Angelina pop-up, giving cafegoers the option to enjoy some French cuisine before they indulge in desserts. Though this might be a unique stop for the average American, if you’re European and you are visiting or living in the City, it probably won’t be too much of a “wow” moment for you. 

The cafe has a chic atmosphere, with waiters and waitresses dressed in formal wear, spacious European-style seating and chandeliers hung over walkways. With a small but well-rounded menu, the tearoom is great for people who crave a quick pastry and an excellent option for those searching for a space to get some work done or have lunch with a colleague. The menu includes club sandwiches, macarons and of course, the irresistible buttery, flaky french delicacy that is the croissant (though it could have used more chocolate). 

On a frigid Sunday afternoon, the tea room was filled with people of all ages. Within the crowd was first-time customer Nicole, 23, from New York and Puerto Rico, who described the famous hot chocolate as “creamy” and the atmosphere as “fake-french” but undeniably “cute.” She also mentioned that the spot is very Instagram-able.

If you’re looking to try their hot chocolate, you may have to get there earlier in the day as it has been known to sell out fast. 

The tea room is a great option for cold winter temperatures. The large yet, cozy space offers a great social scene for those who crave it. However, it doesn’t shun introverts who want some alone time. 

The Angelina pop-up certainly offers an addition of diversity to New York’s restaurant scene. Though the prices are a bit steep and other small businesses replicate what this cafe does, going to the pop-up is worth the trip–if not for the history behind it alone. 

In case you miss out on this limited event, Angelina also has a permanent location on 39th and 6th, right by Bryant Park that is open for New Yorkers year-round.