Sagittarius horoscopes


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Priya Persaud, Opinion & Editorial Editor

Aries: Though you may be confrontational in your day-to-day life already, Sagittarius season will likely only spur this onwards. As a fire sign in Sagittarius season, your innate need to be right can overpower your judgment of those who simply want the best for you. Your ability to refuse anything less than you deserve is one of the many reasons why so many are drawn toward you, but remember to choose your battles carefully during this time period.

Taurus: Taurus, your busy side is getting invoked this Sagittarius season. With the sun spotlighting your sixth house of productivity, now is the time to continue the endeavors you’ve been striving towards and throw yourself into them. This season will be especially beneficial for academic or career-focused endeavors and will attract more monetary opportunities for you.

Gemini: Geminis, there’s likely been a romantic endeavor you’ve taken to nurturing recently. As the Sun transits your seventh house of relationships during Sagittarius season, it’s pushing for you to open yourself up to this opportunity and fall freely. Though you may have justifiable reasons to be wary of good situations, you’ll never know unless you allow yourself to open your heart up enough to try.

Cancer: This Sagittarius season may feel slower than you’re typically used to, as the Sun goes through your eighth house of transformation. Take this time to pamper yourself and take care of your own needs instead of everyone else’s around you, Cancer. This time period of self-care is essential to plant the seeds of what will soon become opportunities awaiting you.

Leo: Leos, welcome to your fellow fire sign’s season! Always a showstopper, this time period will specifically have even more eyes on you than you are used to receiving. This makes this time period beneficial for any online presence you may be striving towards. Whether it’s a simple TikTok or an Instagram photo dump, Sagittarius season is calling for you to take advantage of this peak opportunity for social media engagement. Furthermore, you may be noticing people who previously wronged you in the past finally getting the karma you wished so long for.

Virgo: As Sagittarius season approaches and therefore shines a light on your 10th house of career, Virgos may see an uptick in their financial endeavors during this time. More personally, Virgos now is the time to begin cutting off unhealthy connections you’ve been tolerating for too long. This Sagittarius season is inviting you to transform both your professional and personal life, all you have to do is take the chances as they come. Reevaluate how your habits and the people around you are either hindering or helping your development, and make adjustments accordingly.

Libra: Libras, this season is asking you to be much more confrontational than you’re normally used to being. Though you’re accustomed to letting others have their way for the sake of maintaining peace, now is the time period to try asserting your own beliefs. Not only is this healthy for your connections in the long term, but it will also help you regain control and therefore instill confidence in yourself. Your opinions are valuable, don’t stifle them for the sake of pleasing people.

Scorpio: Scorpio, this astrological season is likely to put you through more challenging matters than you are used to, but this will ultimately assist you going forward with many lessons learned. With Sagittarius season spotlighting your 12th house of emotions, there will likely be tests of your feelings during this time period. This will be beneficial in your own journey to understand what you desire and connect yourself to your needs. Expand your worldview to consider that all emotions are not bad ones, and allow yourself the leniency to feel.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, welcome to your season! Though you may have been going through hardships recently, these situations will finally come to a close and allow you to protect your well-being. Your friends will also appreciate your innate desire to be spontaneous during this time period and therefore be better receptive toward whatever plans you conceive. Loved for your pursuit of freedom, adventure and forthright manner, this season invites you to wrap yourself in what you enjoy.

Capricorn: Capricorn, why are you never the first one to break? It may be difficult to see your companionships as something beyond items to be won, but your hesitance to express these affections may make you lose those you care so deeply about. There’s likely a current pressure to utter certain words that you’ve been neglecting, out of fear of losing control, but Sagittarius season is pushing you to be confrontational with your emotions, regardless of the risk of what pride and power could be lost. 

Aquarius: This time period will bring you a multitude of closures and releases for situations that have been unresolved in the past, Aquarius. Sagittarius season is bringing you these endings to make room for future growth and opportunity, so it is time to discard the people or endeavors that are no longer beneficial for you to continue holding onto. The changes you go through will be reflected in due time.

Pisces: Pisces, you may be beginning to feel homesick during Sagittarius season. With the sun transiting your fourth house of home and family, this is only natural. Make the time to check in on your loved ones, and spend time with those around you who feel like home. The holiday break is not too far ahead, so hold out optimism in the meantime. If you’ve been having the urge to spruce up your environment, now is the time to decorate to your heart’s content.