Pisces Horoscopes


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Priya Persaud, Opinions and Editorials Editor

Aries: Aries, you’ve likely found yourself at odds with communication recently and this is because your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini. However, Pisces season has situations looking up for you and you may have some luck with love and newfound ideals as Venus will go into Aries on March 12th. Until this happens, however,  it will be beneficial for you to slow yourself down. You’ve probably found yourself more easily drained than usual, and that is completely okay. Give yourself some leniency to take a break once in a while, so you can channel your ferocity more efficiently later this season.

Taurus: Taurus, Pisces season is bringing back people from the past: something you either have been waiting for, or dreading. Though it is your choice whether to accept them into your life or not, you should put your own needs ahead of theirs regardless. This time period needs you to take matters seriously, and then spur into action accordingly as it will set a precedent for months to come.

Gemini: It is the season of your fellow mutable sign, and Pisces season seems to be bringing larger inquiries into your life. Your innate curiosity is being piqued at this time, and you’ve likely been questioning certain, if not all, aspects of your life and whether they are a good fit. This reflective time is necessary for you, Gemini, and you should weigh your options carefully as to keep progressing in the route you most desire. Staying grounded and logical with your reasoning will ultimately reward you with whatever decisions you intend to make, so be careful not to steer off course in a heat of impulsivity which you may regret later on.

Cancer: Cancer, you’ve been going through some trials and tribulations that have truly been testing your sanity recently. In the spirit of Pisces season, you may be a little more idealistic than usual in the face of these great obstacles. However, Pisces season will come to an end and unless confronted, these issues will remain. Remember to continue taking care of yourself the best you can and deal with these problems head on rather than bottling them up for appearance’s sake. Sometimes, the only real way out is through.

Leo: Pisces season is wanting you to bring out your creative and dramatic flair more than anything, Leos! You may have been getting the inkling to create a new passion project, or even participate in something more artsy you typically would not do. This time period wants you to strive to pursue these endeavors and do more than just engage in something, but create it! If you’ve been sitting on an idea for a while, now is the time to execute as this season will justifiably send your innovative imagination into overdrive. Even if it’s just doing a painting date with a partner, or karaoke at a bar with your friends: you may find yourself enjoying these activities more during this time.

Virgo: Virgos, it is the season of your sister sign: Pisces! Pisces season is bringing out your soft and sensitive nature, something you may not always be used to or comfortable with. However, you are allowed to open yourself up to the opportunity of love whether it is platonic or romantic, and you are deserving of these attributes. Though you may have self-sabotaged in the past in fear of something becoming real, find it in yourself this season to show compassion to those in your life. You are loved Virgos, and you are allowed to reciprocate that feeling towards others.

Libra: Pisces season is bringing out your inherent idealism and natural desire for balance, Libras. Any plans you’ve desired to come into fruition will be rewarded soon, and your optimism being supported by this Pisces Sun transit will only make situations better. Take this time to celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made so far recently, and allow yourself to relish in it! You’ve put in the hard work and it is finally paying off. Treat yourself to a self-care day or desert, you deserve it! Friends and family may also be viewing you with pride that you are in their life during this time, so if there is anyone you want to reach out with right now: all you have to do is ask!

Scorpio: Scorpios, Pisces season is alleviating some of the natural stress you typically put on yourself and asking you to be a little less serious constantly. Though events in the past may push you to be guarded and stingy with trust, this time period is when you should be choosing to be less strict on yourself. Finding a new feeling of lightness is not anything to gawk at, Scorpio, and can even open yourself up to newfound states of mind.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, much like Leos during Pisces season, your creativity and innate artistic abilities will reach new heights during this time. You’ve likely recently been carrying a feeling of imbalance in your life, and Pisces season is here to restore that equilibrium. Whatever weights you have been carrying, you can finally let go of it. You no longer need to give any mind to the bothersome minuscule details of life, this time period is allowing you to release them and find a sense of freedom again.

Capricorn: Capricorn, it seems you’ve recently united with someone whom you least expected for things to work out with, and the situation is going eerily swimmingly. You’re finding yourself asking if this has been a glitch, but it cannot be ignored. Pisces season is asking you to reflect on this situation which could feel much too similar to your own experiences, but is overall a worthwhile pursuit where both feelings are equally reciprocated, even if it is only implicitly stated. There’s been talks of a bigger commitment in this circumstance, and the time period is asking to follow in suit of Piscean romanticism in order to follow through. 

Aquarius: Pisces season is asking you to lean into your individuality, Aquarians! Aquarius, most notable for your unique sense of self-expression, now is the time to explore your identity in whichever ways you’ve been meaning to. Whether it be through participating in new activities, journaling your thoughts through different experiences, or hanging out with new friends: Pisces season wants you to find all new faucets of yourself.

Pisces: Pisces! Welcome to your season! You are the star of the show during this time period, something you may already be used to. During this season, you’ll find that your intuitive nature is severely heightened, so listen to any gut instincts you have as they’re probably correct. Furthermore, you should be taking this time to process the feelings from this past year. Your natural ability to be vulnerable needs to be expressed, so it could be beneficial to make a playlist composed of every song that strikes home for you and listen to it as needed.