Master Plan: 41 Park Row


41 Park Row Lower Level Lounge Open to First Floor

Max Onofre

Over the next year, 41 Park Row will be changing its look to accommodate more students into its space and give a face to the University’s art gallery.

The building, which is the former New York Times building, will be getting most of its renovations within its interior. “The challenge of 41 Park Row is …it’s a landmark building which adds a layer of regulatory approval, so we have to make a submission to a landmarks commission,” stated Jean Gallagher, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. Fortunately for the University, the building landmark is only the exterior so there is more flexibility within the inner changes.  

And changes there will be as the entrance will open up not only to student lounging but there will be a more public opening to the art gallery, which until now has been located near the Student Union in the B-level of One Pace Plaza.

Of course, offices currently there will be moving. Dyson College will be bringing their offices down to the second floor for better accessibility to its students while the bookstore will become an integral part of One Pace Plaza.

As for the copy center, Winston Vera, the Document Services manager, said that while the “Copy Center [and] Document Services offices in 1 [Pace Plaza] and 41 [Park Row] will be relocated to new areas,” it would not affect the visibility or the level of services available to the community.

Dean for Students, Marijo Russell O’Grady, whose office is located on the ninth floor of the building, is looking forward to the changes. “I am very excited for the changes that will be made and that focus on student space and academic space. Pace is undergoing a renaissance and it is very exciting for our community!”