An RA’s Guide to Move-In


Amoreena Crispino

Summer is quickly coming to an end, meaning the school year is right around the corner. Going back to college for some is an upsetting time, leaving your parents and home again, and obviously no more tanning at the beach. For others, the thought of returning to school is so exciting and most can hardly wait to move back into the residence halls.  

Moving into your dorm room can be a slightly stressful experience, while mom and dad try to organize your things and tell you where that lamp should go or which wall your tapestry should be on. Especially at the University, unloading your car and proceeding to find parking is a struggle in itself, but if you pack efficiently and bring much less than you did freshman year, move-in day will be a breeze! Here are some tips for moving back to into the residence halls: 

Don’t bring clothes that you know you won’t wear. We’re all victims to this, even myself, but a lot of us college students tend to over pack and bring clothing items we have not worn in two years but bring them anyway “just in case.” Last semester when I was moving out, I found a Hawaiian shirt at the bottom of one of my drawers. I did not wear that shirt at all during the year, but definitely thought to bring it because “what if I got invited to a luau themed party one night in April?” Makes sense.  

Keep your decorations to a minimum. We are all aware of the sizing of most dorm rooms at school are, so clearly you don’t want to clutter your space to make the room seem even smaller. Leave your knickknacks at home and just pack the essentials to make your room appear cool, yet clean. Keep your desk clear of receipts and old items, buy desk organizers for spare change and post-its, and make sure you have room to study! 

If you have your own bathroom, actually clean it. Let’s be real, nobody really enjoys cleaning, especially the bathroom, but it has to be done. Make a schedule with your roommates or just talk about when you want to clean. Take turns buying toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Even though it may seem impossible how dirty your bathroom gets so quickly, it will happen and it will be gross. Just keep up with it and it won’t be an issue! 

Even though you’re excited to be back and on your own, don’t deny your parents offer when they ask to take you out for one last meal. You won’t regret it when you’re broke and can only eat at the Café.  

To give you some extra help with the packing and move-in process, here are some items you should not leave home without:  

  • Clothes for all seasons 
  • shoes 
  • backpack/other bags 
  • laptop 
  • chargers/extension chords 
  • desk lamp, cleaning supplies 
  • shower essentials (towels, products, shower shoes for those of you living in Maria’s Tower)  
  • bedding and pillows 
  • your decorations!  

Obviously you’ll be bringing more than these items, but remember, only bring what you need.  

All of the Resident Assistant’s are excited for your arrival in less than a month and a couple of them wanted to share some move-in day advice. University junior and RA Calum Kovalcik said, “Make sure to have everything organized before getting to school, so it’s easier to unpack and de-stress in preparation for a great semester! Make a list of supplies you’ll need for each class, and definitely wait to buy textbooks until after your first classes so you save money.”  

University sophomore and RA Hanna Morrisse mentioned, “When moving in, it’s really helpful knowing you have people around you who are supportive. It can get difficult when bringing things up to the rooms, so offering whatever help you can offer to your friends and fellow students is very important!”  

Good luck on move-in day and come say hi to RA Amoreena on Floor 13 of 182 Broadway! 



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