Everything you need to know about NYC’s newest Glossier opening


Image sourced from allure.com

Tamara Frieson, Contributor

The new Glossier store opened in Brooklyn on Nov. 5, finally giving New York residents access to a physical storefront in Williamsburg. 

Glossier is a company that makes beauty products best known for their light-coverage, all-natural make-up looks that enhance specific features of the face rather than delivering a more full-coverage look. You’ll find skincare, makeup, body care and fragrance at the store, all displayed to attract consumers (and lovers of pink and pastel tones) to the aesthetic, bathroom shelf-worthy minimalistic design. Not to mention the modern, quick and easy Glossier shopping bag delivery system.

Glossier Brooklyn recently kicked off its grand opening with a Glossier Block Party. The store opened at 11 a.m. sharp, and by 10:30 a.m., the line was wrapped around Berry Street, with customers moving only about five steps every thirty to forty-five minutes. Those waiting in line were eager for a chance to get their hands on products like Boy Brow, Balm Dot Com, Glossier You perfume and to take the first sneak peek at the new, limited-edition Glossier Holiday Kits. 

“It’s crazy how people keep coming up to me asking what this line is for. You would think there’s a celebrity at the end of this. When I tell them it’s a make-up store, they look shocked… or disappointed,” one of the young women said while waiting in the lengthy line. 

The Glossier team was able to wonderfully advertise their new store opening by highlighting the early product access and emphasizing the “special gifts” that the company would give to the first few customers. 

They received hundreds more customers than expected but quickly adapted by hiring a vegan food truck to provide small meals to those waiting in line for hours. For breakfast, those in line received mini vegan donuts with the choice of powdered sugar or fruit loop topping. For lunch, they were provided with a small dish of rice topped with mushrooms and a salad with honey mustard (fancy, right?). A customer waiting in line said humorously, “This feels so boujee! It’s slightly amusing how intense this waiting-in-line process is just to go inside and get an eye-shadow palette.” 

One thing’s for sure, all the customers in that line were determined to get into that store. Most of the people who waited in line to get in were there for over two and a half hours. Several customers that arrived at the store around 11:00 a.m. didn’t step foot into the store until 4:30 p.m. Yes, 4:30 p.m.! 

But the wait was worth it. 

For true Glossier lovers, it was heaven. The storefront has a loft-style design with warm textures, lots of pink and a white facade. They even kept true to some of their iconic touches with the “You Look Good” mirror as a part of their display. Overall, those who attended the Glossier Block Party for their grand opening rated the experience an 8.5/10–the four-hour wait docking a few points. Otherwise, Glossier Brooklyn surpassed the standard of the storefront grand opening and introduced the new and permanent New York location in style.